Noetic Society Seminar — November 2-3, 2019 led by Pierre Grimes

In continuing our quest to understand and realize the nature of the Self we will review and discuss:

  • “The Logos is inherent in the most brilliant light of Being and in relation to Self.” –Pierre Grimes
  • “All that is caused, abides in Self, proceeds from Self and reverts to the cause of Self.” –Proclus’ Platonic Theology, Proposition 35, Balboa translation
  • “Right inquiry (Sanskrit vichara) is the only efficacious method of tranquilizing the mind.” –Jnana Yoga, p. 71.
  • “All things came to be through the Self, and apart from Self not one thing came to be.” –Gospel of John, 1.3, Balboa translation
  • “The yogi endowed with complete knowledge sees, through the eyes of knowledge, the entire universe in his own Self and regards everything as the Self and nothing else.” –Self-Knowledge, Swami Nikhilananda.

Copies of the seminar material will be made available to the participants.

Seminar details:

Saturday and Sunday, November 2 and 3, 2019.
Saturday breakfast at 8am. Explorations from 9-11, 2-4, and 7-9. Lunch and dinner will take place during the breaks.
Sunday breakfast at 9am. Reflection and exploration from 10-12.

Sunset Beach Woman’s Club 16812 Bayview Drive Sunset Beach, CA

Cost:  $150

Scholarships may only be requested by applying to Pierre at

Registration: Please contact Julia Hoigaard, N.S. Treasurer at

For further information or questions, please contact Nancy Grimes at