Zoom NS Meetings

Notice: Due to Covid, starting in March 2020, our Parmenides Study Group and Friday night and Saturday morning meetings have been moved to online, first with Jitsi, and now, Zoom. These meetings are archived and viewable by the public at our “NS Archive”, i.e., the Pierre Grimes and the Noetic Society Collection at the Internet Archive.

Please e-mail info@noeticsociety.org for information on the schedule of our Zoom conferences, and instructions on how to join. Please include what your background is, and the reason for your interest in these meetings.

Guidelines for Zoom Participants

Audio Issues

  1. Please use a headset with a good microphone close to your mouth
    • Pierre is requesting it so he can hear you.
    • JeffS (our videographer, audio engineer, and archivist) also requests it so that – as these are recorded for posterity – the recordings are clearly hearable for 100’s of years especially by people who are hard of hearing.
    • I (JeffS) might seem like an ‘audio Nazi’, but we are trying to make publication-quality recordings here, and this means audio quality minimum requirements are more than just an echo-ey ‘speakerphones’ accepted by most Zoom meetings: You might think it is hearable, but it is not hearable by everyone, and even for those who can, the speakerphone sound is not pleasant to hear for many of us.
  2. Headphones Recommendation
    If you need a purchasing suggestion for a headset with both a good microphone (we can hear you well), and good ear-speakers (you can hear us well), I favor the “EPOS Sennheiser SC160 USB 508315”. (Amazon, CDW, Epos Audio, Ebay). It has a USB jack for connecting to your laptop, and a TRRS (stereo headphones plus microphone, 4-pole) jack for using with Android phones. If you need to use it with an iPhone or iPad, just add this TRRS-to-Lightning adapter.
  3. Please stay muted when not actually talking
    Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
  4. Don’t worry if a host mutes you
    If you leave your microphone unmuted, and there is hearable audio coming from you, a host will mute you. Please don’t take it personally: we’re just trying to keep audio quality at its best and make it easier for Pierre (who is hard of hearing) to hear us.
  5. Please find a quiet room.
    Don’t have music/kids-playing-loudly/TV in background.
  6. Check your audio settings every time you start Zoom.
    When you log in, check the Zoom audio settings are set so that your headset is both your microphone and your speakers (i.e., it should say, ‘Sennheiser’ or ‘Logitech’ or ‘Realtek’ (the name of your headset), not ‘Default’ or ‘System’.

Principles for Participation

  1. Please do NOT speak over each other. Wait a few seconds AFTER someone has just said something. This is both for
    • audio quality, and also
    • to give everyone a chance to absorb and consider what the last speaker just said
  2. You are welcome to listen in, but please speak/participate ONLY if you have READ THE TEXT
  3. We are RECORDING this videoconference, and the tape will be posted up on the web publicly on our “NS Archive”(*).
  4. Please do not start the session (talking on what was formally scheduled) until the meeting start time. This is to give our videographer a chance to record it.
  5. We have two “tracks” currently going: One for “beginners”, which is to study the Platonic dialogues, to get the basic foundational concepts, and an “advanced” track, for those studying more advanced writings by Parmenides and Proclus, which are based on the Platonic principles. If you are a beginner, we invite you to join the “beginning” or “dialogue” track, as the advanced track may be very confusing (although everyone is invited to both tracks).
  6. However, if you are a beginner, and you sit in on an “advanced” track meeting, we ask that you refrain from participating. (You can take any questions into the beginner track at its next meeting.)


  1. So if you are talking, PLEASE LEAVE OUT OR CHANGE PERSONAL NAMES, PLACES, EMPLOYERS, etc. You can just say, “my work”, or “my friend, E” or just change the names, etc.
  2. The same follows for dream explorations: Please change or edit any identifiable info
  3. If you are dialoguing with Pierre, and anything gets TOO PRIVATE/PERSONAL please feel free to EASILY STOP at any point and continue it later in a private non-recorded talk.


  1. Please ask Grace or Kevin if you have Zoom questions.

(*) https://archive.org/details/noeticsociety