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Friday Night Talks: The Phaedo 5/23/14



Saturday Morning Talks 5/24/14

Proclus, Theology of Plato, Alcibiades, Tibetan yoga, Buddhism, ousia, Thucydides

“Proclus as a spiritual map – spot how far you have gone, progression, sufficient description that might help identify what one is encountering, dynamic aspect, energy that emerges, the idea of rest and motion.”

“Buddhism in contrast to Proclus lacks analogy and hence metaphysics.” “Analogy as activating ‘seeing’. With a series of analogy you can present them hierarchically.”



Friday Night Talks: The Phaedo



Saturday Morning Talks 6/7/14:



Saturday Morning Talks: 6/14/14



Friday Night Talks: 6/13/14 The First Alcibiades



Friday Night Talks: 6/27/14 The First Alcibiades



Friday Night Talks: 8/01/14 Three Pillars of Zen




Friday Night Talks: 8/08/14 Three Pillars of Zen (Pre-talk)



Friday Night Talks: 8/08/14 Three Pillars of Zen



Friday Night Talks: 8/15/14 The Sophist



Saturday Morning Talks: 8/16/14

Conclusions, Proclus, analogy, providence, dialectic, likeness, Justice

“If you can really see on all the levels what it would be like without providence, that would then cause you to see the necessity for the existence of providence.”



Friday Night Talks: 8/22/14 The Sophist



Saturday Morning Talks: 8/23/14

Dialectic, Providence, logos, Dream Master, Intellect, Intelligence, Mind, pathalogos, amnesia, memory, reincarnation, 

“Man is really divine, he has just fallen into forgetfulness.” “Presupposes that creation is divine.”



Friday Night Talk: 8/29/14 Parmenides Dialectic



Saturday Morning Talks: 8/30/14

Socrates, Parmenides, dialectic, Truth, truth of Ideas, Philosophical Midwifery, providence

“Legitimacy and existence of Ideas. How do you know when a question has been answered?” “What was that!? What would answer it?”



Friday Night Talks: 9/5/14: Philosophical Midwifery 1



Saturday Morning Talks: 9/6/14

Pathalogos, counterattack. Parmenides. Bhagavad Gita.

“Pathalogos once seen become meaningful.” “Parmendes poem: opinions of mortals that lack true belief, well-rounded truth, how to judge a mere seeming.”



Parmenides Study Group: 9/9/14



Parmenides Study Group – 9/11/14



Parmenides Study Group: 9/12/14



Friday Night Talks: 9/12/14 – Philosophical Midwifery 2



Saturday Morning Talks: 9/13/14

Symposium, Eldar’s exploration, “Go for broke!”, Meaningful goals, Ideal goal



Parmenides Study Group: 9/16/14



Parmenides Study Group: 9/18/14



Parmenides Study Group: 9/19/14



Friday Night Talks: 9/19/14 Philosophical Midwifery  3



Saturday Morning Talks – 9/20/14


Jeff’s dream exploration. What is the mystery (of the dream)? Pathalogos. Problem of Ignorance.

“Not possible to not communicate a pathalogos. The parent does not know it is a pathalogos.”

“All observational statements, appear to be non-controversial, however, in the choice of the object you are going to describe empirically, you are already appointing a certain value of this over that.”

“Pathalogos is a parental ‘truth’.”

“The highest vision you have that you really believe you don’t know that you believe it.” “We are here to solve the problem of ignorance.”



Friday Night Talks: 9/25/14 – Philosophical Midwifery




Friday Night Talks: 10/03/14 – Intro to Next Week’s Work




Saturday Morning Talks: 10/4/14




Friday Night 10/10/14: Intro to Plato’s Timaeus.




Friday Night 10/17/14




Parmenides Study Group: 10/19/14

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