Jitsi and Zoom

Notice: Due to Covid, starting in March 2020, our Parmenides Study Group and Friday night and Saturday morning meetings have been moved to online, first with Jitsi and later, Zoom. These meetings are archived and viewable by the public at our “NS Archive” – a collection at the Internet Archive.

Schedule (all times California Time):

  • 3pm (15:00) Sundays (Parmenides study)
  • 3pm (15:00) Wednesdays (Parmenides study)
  • 7pm (19:00) Fridays (dreams and larger group study)
  • 10am (10:00) Saturday (dreams, casual chat, sometimes serious study as well)

Check timeanddate.com‘s Time Zone Map or Time Zone Converter if you are in a different time zone than California.

Our Jitsi URL


Our Zoom URL


Starting in early August, we will attempt to move to Zoom as our videoconference software. You will need to have a Zoom account set up, know the meeting password (sent separately to you in email), and also wait in the waiting room until host of the day lets you in.