Articles by Pierre Grimes

The Betrayal of Philosophy: Rediscovering the Self in Plato’s Parmenides (7/2016)

A New Paradigm Shift

The Dialectic in Plato’s Republic

Dreams and the Philosopher

The Dreammaster and the Pathologos

The Signs of a Pathologos Problem

An Introduction to Platonic Philosophy

A New Discovery: A Philosopher’s Reflection on Christianity

Philosophical Midwifery and Professionalism

A Study of Philosophical Midwifery:

Learning to do Philosophy

Philosophy, Religo the State, and the Problem of Terrorism

DPP and Reoccurring Issues

A Pilot Study of Students at Golden West College: Their Perceptions of the College, Themselves, and the Learning Experience – A Motivation Study Based upon Personal Interviews of Eighty-Eight Students