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“Preserve the mystery!!!” –Pierre Grimes

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NS Archive:

The “NS Archive” is our nick-name for the “Pierre Grimes and the Noetic Society” collection at The Internet Archive (

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Previous materials still stored here:

Below are some of the materials still remaining on YouTube, etc.  As time permits, all of these will be removed and re-published to our official NS Archive.

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    1. NSFRI: Friday Night Talks
      1. On YouTube

    1. NSSAT: Saturday Morning Informal Talks
      1. On YouTube


  1. NSPRM: Parmenides Study Group
    1.  About the Parmenides Study Group
    2.  Latest Balboa Translation (PDF)
    3.  5/16/2016 to present: Recordings at the Internet Archive
    4.  7/21/2015 to 5/15/2016: Recordings on our Google Drive (password req’d)
    5.  9/9/2014 to 8/19/2015: Recordings on YouTube


  • Abbreviations in file names
    • NSDRM = Dreams and Midwifery (most from Friday nights before the talks)
    • NSFRI = Friday night talks
    • NSINF = Unscheduled or irregular informal talks
    • NSPRM = Parmenides morning discussions
    • NSSAT = Saturday morning informal discussions
    • NSSEM = Seminars
  • NSSPE = Special Events
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  • Thanks to Barbara, Sean, Marty, Yoni, David, Sayon, JulieP, JulieH, Lisa, Nancy, Regina, and all others who have worked or helped to get audios and videos recorded. A treasure of wisdom for future generations.
  • Thanks also to the Internet Archive and its benefactors!
  • And of course, infinite thanks to Pierre and the long lineage of wisdom-seekers who have contemplated the One~Self since the beginning of time.


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