Philosophical Midwifery and The Master

Art by Alex Grey, visionary artist, borrowed courtesy of
Art by Alex Grey, visionary artist, borrowed courtesy of

By: Nobuya Tareoka

Joseph Grimes observed that if all that is said about the Dream Master in “Pierric Dream-Midwifery” is correct, then I failed to appreciate the greater mystery of the Dream Master. For if the dream exploration benefits not only the dreamer but a similar kind of benefit is also conferred upon the midwife or other observer, then the natural question to ask is: To what degree, if any, is the Dream Master the intelligible cause of benefits to secondary and tertiary participants?

In principle, is there reason to conclude that the Dream Master’s art crafts each dream narrowly for the benefit of the dreamer alone? In “Pierric Dream-Midwifery,” the analysis of the dream exploration transcripts focused on the function of the dream-midwife and in so doing it also explored the precision with which the Dream Master’s dreams benefit each particular dreamer.

Here the focus is on the Dream Master itself: What is the scope of its power and of what is it the cause? And above all, what is it?

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Exploring Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley and Krishnamurti

Besant Lodge Live: “Magic and Mystery in Esoteric California”

Our California Occult series continues: 

A rare dialog with Dr. Pierre Grimes, Stephan Hoeller with Host Winter Lazerus 

Sunday April 19th, 2015 – 6pm @ Besant Lodge, Los Angeles

We continue the well attended series on “California Occult” with a look at 3 profoundly influential figures in the esoteric spiritual history of California. Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley and Krishnamurti.

Come join us in a live discourse with leading minds Stephan Hoeller and Pierre Grimes as they speak together about these three unique global authors and teachers who lived, loved and made their homes in California. Winter Lazerus will be your “Esoteric Au Pair” for the ongoing festivities. 

The evening will be an engaging discourse as writer/speaker Dr. Pierre Grimes (who as a young man was recommended to work with Alan Watts by famed friend, the Mythologist Joseph Campbell) will share insights and personal recollections of Alan Watts.

Pierre came to the West Coast and worked intimately with Alan until Watts death. Watts (in his biography) called Pierre a “True Jnana Yogi” for his use of Platonic Dialectic in finding core issues within the human psyche. Stephan and Pierre will dialog on recollections of Watts and how he is still very influential today, thanks to his many recorded lectures which have become a genuine YouTube phenomenon. 

Renown writer/lecturer Stephan Hoeller, (longtime Beachwood Canyon resident) and Pierre will share insights into the remarkable legacy of famed author and speaker Aldous Huxley (Brave New World and The Perennial Philosophy) who lived in Beachwood Canyon until his death. Aldous also developed a close relationship with the Vedanta Monastery in the canyon. 

Pierre and Stephan will then explore the highly unusual teachings of Krishnamurti, who came to Beachwood Canyon as a young man and later settled in Ojai Valley. Krishnamurti became a global phenomenon as a teacher known for his unique perspectives and his famed ’Talks amongst the Oak Groves” of Ojai. 

Pierre and Stephan will offer perspectives to all of this as seen from their own unique experiences, Pierre as the living embodiment of Platonic and Neo-Platonic mastery and Stephan as the one of the primary leading lights of the modern Gnostic movement throughout the world. 

All are welcome! 

The one of a kind, brilliant Zen psychedelic master teacher, Alan Watts –

The literary giant and legendary explorer of “inner worlds”, author of Brave New World and The Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Huxley –


The mysterious Indian Master, who would later become a world respected philosophical teacher with his “Path of no path” perspective – Krishnamurti – 

Come join the exploration in an evening at the historic Besant Lodge in Beachwood Canyon below the Hollywood sign:

Sunday, April 19th at 6pm – Donations welcome in support of these events 



Besant Lodge

2560 North Beachwood Drive, L.A. CA 90068


The Theosophical Society in America

Upcoming Workshop – The I Ching – 4/11/15


Following the teachings of the Taoist Gi-Ming Shein, Pierre Grimes will outline and discuss the fundamental ideas and the practice of the I Ching

“The fundamental ideas of Classical Chinese Philosophy have their parallel in Platonic thought so that we are looking at one spiritual vision in two traditions.”

                                                       Gi-Ming Shein


The insight of Classical Chinese thought that “relations are constant while terms vary” guides readers of the I Ching to unlock the profound meaning of this work.  With their accompanying principle that “before meaning can be reached there must be a true rectification of names” we find a direct kinship with our philosophical midwifery.


Date:  Saturday, April 11, 2015

Location:  Visions and Dreams, Costa Mesa

Cost:  $100.00  (meals included)        

Reservations: Julia Hoigaard, N.S. Treasurer jhoigaar(at)


Optional meditation at David Coe’s No Name Zendo, 7am – 8am

Meals:  Breakfast 8:30am, Lunch 12:30pm, Dinner 5pm