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We are seeking $1,000,000 in funding for the  purchase of property or available space dedicated to practicing and studying Philosophical Midwifery and Platonic Wisdom.


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The Noetic Society Presents a Seminar with Pierre Grimes Entitled:

The Nature and Role of the Logos in the Republic’s “Royal Analogy,” in Parmenides’ Dialectic, and in Dreams and Daydreams

     The seminar will be held Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19. The schedule is as follows: Saturday-Breakfast at 8:00AM. Talks from 9-11:00, 2-4, and 7-9.

Lunch and Dinner will take place during the breaks.
Sunday-Breakfast at 9:00AM. Talk, review, and explore 10-12:00.

Location: Sunset Beach Woman’s Club at
16812 Bayview Drive in Sunset Beach, CA.    

Cost: $150
Scholarships may only be requested by applying to Pierre at     

Registration: Please contact Julia Hoigaard, Secretary at

For further Information or any questions: Please contact Nancy Grimes at

Pierre Grimes Interviewed on “New Thinking Allowed” with Psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove