Pierre Grimes’ Chicago Workshop

The New Paradigm for Understanding and Realization of the Self

Aphrodisias, the Temple of Aphrodite, shot in 2004. Photo credit – Dguendel

Pierre Grimes, Ph.D. has developed a new paradigm as a path of Self-discovery, which has its roots in the Homeric/Platonic tradition. His method for reaching an understanding of the Self is through in-depth personal dialogues and through the study of dreams and daydreams. The goal is both to uncover unsuspected false beliefs about the Self, and to realize the true Self.

His work ends the view of philosophy as being void of any personal and meaningful message. This new revival of understanding the Self is capable of turning our culture to a path that while ancient is most essential to our contemporary life. We have the potential to see with new eyes an ancient treasure hiding in plain sight.

He has written, “It is entirely possible to verify for oneself that we are part of a caring and intelligible universe. The verification is a kind of proof since it is a way of understanding that is based upon a realization that our mind constantly communicates with us and for our benefit. Communications from the mind are as profound as they are utterly appropriate to our circumstances, for while the scope of the mind is pervasive, its precision is always directed to what is personally and spiritually significant.”

Pierre will lead a unique and interactive workshop in Chicago during the weekend of April 28th – 30th, 2017. This is a reflective and goal oriented workshop in a safe place to explore profound questions about the nature of the Self.

Pre-Registration is required. Maximum number of participants is 35.

Cost: Registration by March 15th is $300, after March 15th the price will be $350.

No refunds after March 15, 2017

Sana Vita Studio
1357 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

Pre-registration is available via PayPal below

Participation and workshop completion will be acknowledged with a Continuing Education Certificate.

For additional information or questions contact Adina B. (adinab@me.com)

Noetic Society, Inc. “For The Study of Dialogue and The Exploration of Dialectic”
A non-profit educational organization incorporated in 1976
Pierre Grimes, founder and President

In his autobiography, “In My Own Way”, Alan Watts wrote that Pierre is “A true Jnana Yogi” for his brilliant work using Plato and Philosophy as a means for healing.

In 1982, the Son (Zen) master, Chong-An of the Chogye Buddhist order of Korea sealed Pierre as his dharma successor and Pierre became Hui-An. Together they founded the Opening Mind Academy as part of Chong-An’s Virtue Mountain Temple, where both the Platonic and the Son (Zen) Buddhist spiritual traditions were explored together.